Low tox lifestyle products for holistic wellness. Low tox lifestyle products for holistic wellness. Low tox lifestyle products for holistic wellness.
Low tox lifestyle products for holistic wellness.
Toxins are everywhere! From the household products you use to your personal care products ie: makeup. They're the negative thoughts in your head, unprocessed emotions and even the news. All of these "stressors" are wreaking havoc on your body. Let me help you reduce the toxins in your body and home.
Low Tox Products
Solutions for Toxic Homes and Bodies

Did you know over 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into commerce since WW2? Of those only 20% have been tested for safety on humans?

The Chemical Revolution is slowly making us sick, tired and causing chronic illnesses in proportions not seen before.

Searching for low tox products can be overwhelming. I have found Direct to Consumer brands that put your health first. Beautycounter and Norwex are your first line of defence against chemicals in the home.

Shop makeup, skincare, skincare and more here: www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/stacylamontagne

Shop household cleaning products here: www.stacylamontagne.norwex.biz

Wear Your Words
Wear Your Words

All work and no play makes me a dull girl, ha! An avid concert tee collector and obsession with logos or graphics has led me to my latest (and pure fun) creative endeavour.

You can find me on Red Bubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/iamstation/shop?utm_source=rb-native-app&utm_campaign=share-artist&utm_medium=ios

Wear your words...

What began as an affirmations go mainstream, after all your words create your world has turned into a full blown passion! I love tees with bright easy to read graphics and words! Find your favorite today and grab an affirmation sticker too.

Feature Product
Feature Products
Luminous Hydration Body Oil, Sugar Buff Body Polish & Melting Body Balm
“Feature Products Luminous Hydration Body Oil, Sugar Buff Body Polish & Melting Body Balm ”

Upgrade your shelfie! 3 of our best sellers have gotten a packaging makeover. And we are so here for that.

Unsustainable packaging is so last year! Introducing clean beauty in sustainable packaging. Our tubes use over 51% post consumer recycling materials (thank you for your recycling efforts in your curb side pick up boxes!!)

Glass is also one of the most sustainable containers. Avoiding micro-plastic leeching into your products.

When we say clean, we mean clean! Right from our ingredients to our packaging. Follow this link to our award winning Body Balm, spa in a bottle: Melting Body Balm: https://www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/stacylamontagne/?goto=product/melting-body-balm-new

Brand new clients, it’s Baaaaack! Use code CLEANFORALL20 to receive 20% off. Some exceptions apply.

A bit of a bio and currently reading

For over 10 years I have been researching and providing exceptional products to customers across North America through my Brick and Mortar Boutique.

2018 was the year I not only had to close my beloved business but also faced the fight of my life. A diagnosis would forever change the course of my life.

Since then I have spent countless hours researching and exploring why I, an otherwise healthy woman would be facing a Cancer diagnosis.

I stumbled upon information about toxic chemicals in our products rather coincidentally. I was on a mission to overhaul my food choices not my bathroom. Turns out, I needed to dig a little deeper.

The Chemicals and lack of regulation in products we use everyday was not only shocking but rather disturbing. The serial entrepreneur in me could not unknow what I had discovered and thus began my new mission, educating everyone who would listen and providing safer products at the same time.

When I’m not busy as a Mom to four, wife to my off farm working man, studying astrology, researching wellness products and ideas, I like to sing off key, Garden (this year I bought a Tower Garden and grew stuff all winter) and design t-Shirts.

Seriously if you want info on the Tower Garden, send me an email. Best investment in 2020!

Be Well in 2021,

Stacy ❤️